Given the reception of the 2022 edition, and since the situation of imbalance and invisibilization of women* in the field of the arts is by no means over or resolved, the valorization of their artistic practices remains a priority. Thus, the POST-INVISIBLES event will be repeated in 2024 and will become a biennial.

To allow diversity and freedom of curatorial and artistic interpretations, territory and borders was selected as a theme for the 2024 edition. Moreover, these words can be understood in several ways.

Territory as a physical space that we inhabit, occupy and share, regardless of the borders chosen or imposed by history or by governments in power, imaginary or geographical boundaries that divide the planet and that too often lead us to isolate, distance, and separate ourselves from each other.

Territory as an intimate bodily or psychic space is solely ours and of which we authorize, or not, the access to others, according to the limits we we mapped out. Women’s bodies* are constantly subjected to violence and oppression – external or internal – and, despite everything, try to adapt and protect themselves.

To this day, these territories-bodies and territories-land are constantly being objectified, controlled, exploited, if not expropriated. How to reinvest them, to fight for their protection and their respect in a context of feminist and ecological urge?

How to restore the link that unites body and Earth, two entities that were once indissociable?