Throughout the winter season, more than fifteen exhibitions will be presented around the theme of Territory/Boundaries.  

This polysemous theme echoes a number of important current issues.  

Territory in the sense of the physical space we inhabit and share, regardless of the chosen or imposed borders, imaginary or geographical delimitations, that divide the planet and all too often lead us to isolate, distance and separate ourselves from one another 

Territory in the sense of an intimate bodily or psychic space that belongs to us alone, and to which we should be the only ones to grant or deny access to others, in accordance with our own intimate and personal limits and boundaries. 

Even today, this territory-body and territory-land are constantly being objectified, controlled and exploited. How can we reinvest them, and demand their protection and respect in a context of feminist and ecological urgency? How can we rediscover the link between body and earth, two entities that were once inseparable?