The first edition of POST-INVISIBLES included 6 exhibitions that gathered more than 20 women in different exhibition venues in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montreal and Kamouraska.

La force de la douceur

Projet Casa – March 4 to 28 mars, 2022

Artists : Maude Arsenault & Hannah Claus

Curator : Mylène Lachance-Paquin

Maude Arsenault, Vous ne voyez pas ce que je vois, 2022. © Mike Patten
Maude Arsenault, Champs de bataille, 2022. © Mike Patten
Maude Arsenault, Chargée à bloc, 2022. © Mike Patten
Hannah Claus, quiver, 1999 © Mike Patten
Hannah Claus, we are a tea people, 2020 © Mike Patten
Hannah Claus © Mike Patten

Une goutte d'encre dans l'océan blanc

Hangar 7826 – March 8 to 27, 2022

Artist : Marie-José Gustave

Curator : Catherine Touré

Assisted by : Sophie Bertrand & Mylène Lachance-Paquin

Marie-José Gustave, Génération © Gilles Tarabiscuité
Marie-José Gustave, Et puis une perle © Gilles Tarabiscuité
Marie-José Gustave, Mixité © Gilles Tarabiscuité


Cache Studio – March 3 to April 3, 2022

Artists : Mathilde Bois, Catherine Boisvenue, Ève Saint-Jean, Pariss Amerian

Curator : Stéphanie Cambria

Catherine Boisvenue, Aigues marines et luminescences, Eve Saint-Jean, Maman and Eve Saint-Jean, Judith © Sophie Bertrand
Mathilde Bois, Blood Venus (Parabita) © Sophie Bertrand
Eve Saint-Jean, La Madonne à l’enfant and Eve Saint-Jean, Marie, L’Orgasme © Sophie Bertrand

Par delà les frontières

Champagne et Paradis – March 8 to 15, 2022

Artists : Laurence Belzile, Caroline Bolieu, Rose Cantin, Chloé Giroux-Bertrand, Elisabeth Gravel, Lysa Jordan, Chloé Larivière, Karine Locatelli, Vanessa Locatelli, Josiane Lanthier

Gallery owner and curator : Camille Paradis

Chloé Larivière, Leyster and Laurence Belzile, sans titre © Gilles Tarabiscuité
Josiane Lanthier, Photo de Camille © Gilles Tarabiscuité
Chloé Giroux-Bertrand, Cache Odana, Lysa Jordan, Répit émotionnel and Rose Cantin, L’influente © Gilles Tarabiscuité

Nombreuses et numériques

Espace 230/Art Contemporain – March 8 to 26, 2022

Artists : Elli Marcelli, Léa Martin, Snack Witch, Olivia Faye Lathuillere et Tannaz Keshavarzian

Curator : Gabrielle Sarthou

Tannaz Keshavarzian, Perles © Sophie Bertrand
Léa Martin, Performances open-source © Sophie Bertrand
Olivia Faye Lathuilliere, Esquisse, 2018 © Sophie Bertrand

Montserrat Duran Muntadas. Engendrer l’impalpable

CIRCA art actuel – March 10, 2022

Artist : Montserrat Duran Muntadas

Author and curator : Pascale Beaudet

Launch of “Montserrat Duran Muntadas. Engendrer l’impalpable”. 

The launch of the bilingual publication of the artist Montserrat Duran Muntadas was held at CIRCA art actuel. An exhibition and a talk by the artist as well as the curator and author accompanied this event. How is femininity defined? By its reproductive function? Why should women be defined as such when men are not? These are the questions underlying Montserrat Duran Muntadas’ work, a young artist of Spanish origin living in Quebec since a decade. Trained as both an artist and a glassmaker, she combines glass, fabric and found objects in an eminently personal way. Includes all people who consider themselves so, univocally or partially, regardless of sexual orientation or biological sex.

Montserrat Duran Muntadas, Ce que le tissu fibreux de ton amour a créé © POST-INVISIBLES
Montserrat Duran Muntadas, Ovoïdes © POST-INVISIBLES